Griechisch Oregano 34gr


Sigma Gourmet’s Greek Oregano is a natural and healthy product from Greek mountains. The high content of flowers gives it a unique aroma and flavor. Greek Oregano is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine. Use oregano in cooking and add flavor to your meat, fish, potatoes, salads and sauces.

Fruchtjoghurt Koukakis 170gr

Paximadaki klein 400gr

Schwarzaugenbohnen 500gr Agrino


Linsen „Fakes“ Agrino 500gr


Milch 1lt 3,5% Fett

milch 1lt

Schlagobers 1lt 20% Fett

Sarakina Balsamic Sauce 200ml

Meersalz Kalas

Κübel 10Kg, Dickes Meersalz 1Kg, Meersalz 250gr

Jogurt Pagonis 10% Fett

Jogurt 10% Fett (100% griechische Kuhmilch Kübel 1Kg

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